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NEW Button for GWC Challenge/Blog.

Finally I have found an image I liked of women of color reading. It and other fine images were created by Carmen Gracia, an artist from Valencia, Spain. She was kind enough to let me use it. You can see her wonderful art at,, and at

Feel free to copy the image and add it to your own blog. Instruction are on the “Button” page.

My search for an image for the button was eye-opening. Part of the problem was the images I found and liked best were all under copyright and I couldn’t afford them. More disturbing was the scarcity of images of women of color. I have recently discovered all the images available online, especially the delightful ones of women reading. But when I really looked, they were stereotypically white women who read. In fact the overwhelming majority of all the images were of white women. The “mixed ethnicity” images usually included a blonde. Black women who were depicted were generally overly sexy or professional or very young.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I had a visceral sensation of what it might be like to be a woman of color in an overly white world. I was more glad than ever that I am doing this blog to try and change that dynamic in a small way by making their writing more visible.

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