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Spinifex Book Giveaway for Global Women of Color.


January 18, 2013

Spinifex Press is offering five books by women of color to those participating in the Global Women of Color Blog/Challenge.   They are a feminist publishing company located in Australia.  They specialize in publishing diverse books.

These are hard-copy books, and Spinifex will send them anywhere in the world.

To be eligible, read and review a book by a woman of color and include information about it on the GWC site.  Winners will be drawn from this group.

 Drawing will take place the end of February.

Books will be chosen from the following list. You can read about them at the Spinifex website.

• ‘If Passion Were A Flower’ by Lariane Fonseca

• ‘A Daughter of Isis’ and ‘Walking Through Fire’ by Nawal El Saadawi

• ‘Ao Toa: Earth Warriors’ by Cathie Dunsford

• ‘Trauma Trails, Recreating Song Lines’ by Judy Atkinson

• ‘Moebius Trip: Digressions From India’s Highways’ by Giti Thadani

• ‘The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades: Stories from around the World’ by Munya Andrews

• ‘Kick the Tin’ by Doris Kartinyeri

• ‘The Fabulous Feminist’ by Suniti Namjoshi

• ‘A Bit of Difference’ by Sefi Atta

• ‘Far and Beyon’’ by Unity Dow

• ‘Another Year in Africa’ by Rose Zwi



  1. This is great. Are we to rad any of the above books or any of our choice?

  2. Spinifex Press are perfectly happy to deal with and promote homophobic organisations. As such, I have major issues with them. Just thought you needed to be aware.

    • mdbrady says:

      I had not heard that accusation. I do know that they publish some fine lesbian-cantered books, like Finola Moorhead’s Remember the Tarantella.

      • Sadly, they have told me (repeatedly) they are happy to with and promote what they see as an “anti-porn” part of the Uniting Church, while refusing to acknowlege that the EMU/RA/ACC are in fact homophobic (in contrast to the rest of the Uniting Church, of which I am a member.)

  3. Spinifex Press is proud to be one of the biggest promoters of lesbian books in the world.

  4. mdbrady says:

    Thanks. That is one of the reasons that I am impressed with Spinifex Press. And I am impressed with the great variety of women, many of them women of color, whose books you publish. And the books you publish are simply very good.

  5. […] it came from: Won in a draw from the Global Women of Colour Challenge and Spinifex Press Time and manner of reading: Assorted brief, dense reads leading to sleep, interspersed by genuinely […]

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