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New Reviews Submitted



We are beginning to get reviews listed so that we can know what others are reading and what they think about what they have read.   And the ones listed look great.  Teresa reviews fascinating-sounding books from Cuba and Mauritius (an island in the Indian Ocean.)  Eva reports on a book by one of her favorite authors set in “an unnamed African country.”  Olduvai writes about a difficult and tragic novel linking Senegal and France.  Writereaderly recommends a novel/movie from Mongolia.  I have added my reviews of novels from India and Sudan/England.  I have also added a review that is relevant for this blog that I read on another blog—something I will do from time to time.  Check out the reviews.

All of you who have listed your reviews are now eligible for one of the books in the Spinifex Book Giveaway next month.   I hope more of you send in reviews and make yourselves eligible also.

I have a copy of Rosie Carpe, by Marie NDiaye, in the original French.  I ordered it used, but untouched, naively assuming it would be in English.  I’d be willing to give it away tor swap it to any of you who read French and would like it.  Depending on how far away from Texas you live, I’d like some help with international postage.  Another example of how easy it is to forget what the rest of the world is really like.

I have filled in the names of the writers on the GWC header as people have identified them.  You can check that post.  I have discovered that you will to find earlier posts in the archives once a post is removed from the home page.




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