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GWC Reviews through March 15, 2013

After the past two and a half months, forty reviews have been entered on the Global Women of Color site.  Thanks to all who have included reviews here.  Many reviews are excellent.  I am pleased to have so many about such a variety of books and locations. Many reviews are excellent.  I plan to mention what is reviewed more regularly here.  I hope we have even more reviews and more discussion of them in the months ahead.

If you want to go directly a review, simply click on its author and title.  You can see information about the authors’ origin and the countries where their stories are set by going to the Reviews for 2013 spread sheet. A brief comment by the reviewer about each book is also found there.


Personal Note

Later this week I am having cataract surgery and will be offline for a while.  I have some blogs ready to be posted while I am gone, and I hope you will leave comments.  And I have audiobooks lined up for the duration.  I do plan to be back soon.