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Adichie on Feminism

We often hear that feminism is nothing but a western phenomena, something that African women don’t need.  Adichie strongly disagrees.  In a speech she calls on all women and men to become feminists.  Drawing from her own experiences in Africa, she provides strong reasons why feminism must be global. See the 30 minute video here.


A Celebration of Bessie Head

As I read Ama Ata Aidoo’s poem, I kept thinking how appropriate her words were for many of the global women of color whose books I have been reading.

Dear Fresh Spirit,

that rejoining
The Others,
you can tell them
now more than ever,

do we need
the support
the energy

to create
recreate and

nothing more
nothing less.

Sisters of Somalia video

Here is another beautiful and moving video about women of color, this time about the women and girls of Somalia who live in the refugee camps and about a women who is helping them regain their dignity. The women all wear veils in graceful and powerful ways, sometimes for privacy, but often looking out from them with beauty and individuality. The organization, Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC), runs a rape center and helps the refugees in a variety of small ways. Most of all they focus on showing the victims and refugees that they are loved and accepted. The video is 25 minutes and worth watching.