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15 Black Feminist Books for Everyone


15 Black Feminist Books for Everyone

Last week The Root posted a great list of Black Feminist books. Inspired by insensitive white women and black men, to it is list of books that should by read by everyone. There are some of my own all time favorites and some titles that there new to me. I am hesitant to label books that were written before the 1970s as feminist, but I totally agree that this are important for understanding the particular problems of black women.


Check it out.



  1. Melissa Harris Perry created “The ‘MHP’ Black Feminism Syllabus” which list several books that I’ve added to my to read list. I don’t think you have it posted here at Global Women of Color, unless I missed it.

    • mdbrady says:

      Thanks. That is actually what I hope others will find and add. I admire MHP and look forward to her list. Have you read her Sister Citzen? It is a favorite of mine.

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